Friday, September 08, 2006

Navigating This Blog

The best way, particularly if you're new, to catch up on this blog is as follows.

First, take a look at the introduction article. It will explain the topic and goal of this blog.

From there, you should start reading the commentaries on game design theories. These articles are found under the "Game Design" Category. These articles are cronologically arranged, first at the top, last at the bottom. They give a snapshot of my thinking in terms of these theories. Regardless of what alterations/improvements/abandonments that happen to theories after these posts are made, these particular blog entires will not change to protect the innocent/guilty/idiotic.

If you want to see my current theories on game design, the "Nomenclature" and "Theory" sections are for you. They will not justify how these theories were arrived at (that's what "Game Design" is for); they exist to explain the coherant theories of design. There will be one page under that category (entitled "Theory of Design") that will never be removed (if you want to link to my current theories, that's the page to link to). Other pages in this category can be added, removed, drastically modified, or whatever, as needed.

The main theory page will also have it's own category (the only article under that category) entitled, "Current Theory". It will link to the appropriate theory pages that are current.

Reviews of games, for the purpose of justifying game design or just because I think they're interesting design-wise, will be filed under the "Reviews" Category.

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